Dog in Town Ekkamai

               “Dog in Town Café” – Dog lover’s café, also known as dog cafe, is one of the most popular dog café in Bangkok. This is a place where you can meet and play with dogs. And unlike others, as we want you to have the best experience with “The Gang” (our dogs), we’ve decided to let the Gang stay and play in the Café all day long. Especially, with a chilling atmosphere of the café, this can really make you feel more comfortable like you’re having fun with your dogs at home.

Dog cafe Showcase

               Now let’s talk about the dogs, or should we say our family members. At Dog in Town, we only choose friendliest dog breeds as Dog in Town members. We guarantee they are friendly to anyone including kids, so don’t worry, they won’t bite. To be safe, however, we still recommend you to watch your kids (especially, at young age) while playing with dogs.

                And now, it’s time to introduce you our family members. Currently, Dog in town family members consist of 9 brothers ; Chidlom > Ploenchit > Nana > Ari > Surasak > Phrom Phong > Asok > Bearing > Punna[withi] [oldest to youngest, respectively]. Are these cute names sounds familiar? Well, they were named after “Bangkok Mass Transit System”, known as BTS or “Skytrain”. Here’s there picture.


Come join us, and you will love dog cafe 🙂

Photo credits to and all of our lovely customers 🙂

*We currently do NOT allow dogs from outside in the cafe. As The Gang are all male and are in teenage stage, they may show some sign of aggressive behavior towards other dogs. This to prevent any problems  caused by the Gang. T.T

— We apologize for any inconvenience —